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By: meagan157 | October 29, 2016

I've released my third app! This app represents my first contract job. After lamenting about the lack of options available, a friend of mine asked me to make a simple app that would take multiple locations and show them on one map. I was in the midst of working on another app "Imprint" and had just hit a frustrating wall. I took the much needed opportunity to step away from it for bit and try something different. It's a bonus that the two apps have a lot of similarities. 

In an effort to try something new, I forewent Google's massive API (which I usually use for my apps) and exclusively explored Apple's MapKit. I also opted to learn about and incorporate Realm over Core Data for my main storage. I had a lot of fun building the app....

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By: meagan157 | August 25, 2016

Scrath Logo

Scrath is my second app I've released. It was supposed to be an "easy" project I could create and put out quickly. Oh how wrong I was! 

I was able to do the majority of math logic in a day or two. However I realized I wanted to actually make a "game" out of it, instead of simply an exercise (my initial plan). Suddenly I'm having to learn how to use game center, building new modes, creating achievements and leaderboards. Once I figured out all that, I decide it's time to work on monetizing Scrath. Now I'm diving headfirst into the world of ads. Thankfully google has great guides and I'm happy with how I have incorporated them. Finally I decide I might as well go all in and build in-app purchases. I spent far too long tryin...

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By: meagan157 | July 14, 2016

Currently - A Weather App

My first iOS app is officially live on iTunes! I am incredibly proud of it. Yes, it's a weather app, one of thousands available like it, but I think I captured some unique elements not found in similar apps. It was also a wonderful learning experience. After pouring 100s of hours into it, I finally feel confident in my ability to understand swift on a much higher level than a month ago. The moment I was able to figure out a solution to a problem on my own without searching Stack Overflow for an answer was probably one of the highlights of the year.

Currently is programmed exclusively in swift and uses a combination of container controllers, tab bar controllers and navigation controllers, as well as modal views, NSCoding, and Alamofire to par...